August 8, 2020

Baby Belly Laughing Video

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in family

Baby Belly Laughing Video

Share Baby Luke Belly Laughing Click on image to see the video of a baby belly laughing. Share

Chat Software for sales

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in sales

Share.!. I’ve created some Landing Pages to be the destination for some adwords campaigns. I wanted to add a feature where a chat box would pop up proactively offering the visitor an instant free consultation via chat when I’m at my computer. So I did some research into Chat Clients for Online Support or Sales. […]

Over Design is a Trap

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in design

ShareI’ve got to watch myself. I’m a sucker for features or gadgets. I like clips, zippers, pockets, holders and Velcro. The world is full of geek candy like that. But when is enough ‘enough’? I used a vintage bike messenger bag for years — just a bag with a single inner zipperless pocket. So I […]

Castrovolta — Another Travolta Love Child?

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in Entertainment

ShareI don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed the that Jason Castro looks like John Travolta. Digg it. Bookmark it. Pass it on… When Harry Met Sally… dvdrip The Ice Storm movie full Billy Jack release Share

Eric’s Movie Picks — My favorite films and why

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in Entertainment, Movies

ShareIn no particular order, these are some of the movies that I’d gladdly see again (and again and again.) Cinema Paradiso — The themes of the thread that attaches us to the past, moving from home, moving on — mortality. The opening image says it all…the long long thread back to mom. This film gets […]

More Energy — better health through better eating

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in Health

More Energy -- better health through better eating

ShareWant more engery? Watch what you eat very carefully. I recently cut all sugar, coffee & alcohol out of my diet and completely separate my foods these days. I eat veggies and unprocessed organic foods only. It’s been surprisingly yummy and easy to do this time. I don’t feel tempted. I have ample energy after […]

Itunes 8.0 Genius Feature

Posted on June 1, 2009 by in software

Share.!. I started using the itunes 8 genius feature and think it’s kind of cool. You select a song and press the genius button. After you’ve agreed to upload your data to itunes where, according to Apple, “it is combined with the anonymously-gathered knowledge from millions of other iTunes users and processed through Apple-developed algorithms”; […]

Glenn Pere – The Good Client

Posted on June 1, 2009 by in Business

ShareNew York SEO Service clients is Glenn Pere from PerePartnership PerePartnership is a unique advertising and design agency in New York, located on top of Penn Station @ 1 Penn Plaza. Glenn Pere is a great creative director. He’s a guys guy and into football, baseball and boxing. You wouldn’t think he has an eye […]