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3 Art Scene Insider Things To Do in NYC

Posted on March 9, 2010 by in Arts, fine art

Here are three things you can do this March to feel like an insider to the NY art scene.

The Visible Vagina until March 20th

Visit the The Visible Vagina at Francis M. Naumann Gallery. That’ll give you plenty to talk about. According to Robert Schuster from the Village Voice “Judy Chicago’s artful Red Flag—the infamous photograph of her hand removing a saturated tampon—remains as fierce a declaration of feminist identity as it was in 1971, when some viewers mistook the bloody object for a severed penis. Though the work may only hint at the fanged monster of men’s neuroses, its strident tone here is the exception. In this lively, upfront, double-gallery celebration of a woman’s biological essence, the sculpted, painted, and photographed vaginas that crowd the spaces—nearly a century’s worth, from Picasso to Carolee Schneemann—are kinder and gentler, typically offering their provocations (if any) with wry, sexual humor.”

Kostabi's Game Show

Next, you can saunter off to appear on Mark Kostabi’s weekly game show where art critics and celebrities compete to title his paintings for cash awards. This game show appears on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and on the web site The Kostabi Show. If you have the chutzpah to interlope with a title suggestion, and if you’re lucky enough for the jury to select it as the title for a painting, you might join the other notable luminaries, like Michel Gondry and Ornette Coleman, who also have had the honor of naming Mark Kostabi’s paintings.

Finally, get on over to the 75th edition of the Whitney Biennial Exhibition to see what’s happening in the most modern of art. While Biennials are always affected by the cultural, political, and social moment, this exhibition “simply titled 2010” embodies a cross section of contemporary art production rather than a specific theme.

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