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Promotional Video Editing – Wall Street Green Trading Summit

Posted on June 5, 2008 by in Business, promotions

I just finished editing a video for the Wall Street Green Trading Summit. Something like this takes about a day to edit. Check it out.

This is pretty standard fare for convention, events and promotional video. Here’s the formula for editing a promotional video of an event.

  1. Take a few MTV shots (slam zooms, tilts, quick pans, slam wide — stuff like that) of all signage.
  2. Get some crowd shots (not very much needed)
  3. Get shots of people smiling or shaking hands (bonus points if you catch somebody handing somebody else a business card!)
  4. Animate their logo
  5. Cut some SOTs (sots are video sound bites) from the conference or speakers.
  6. Lay it all down on a techno or electro (modern) track of music to make it all seem uber-hip.
  7. Keep it under a 2 minutes.
  8. Don’t have any shot last more then a second without panning, zooming, jump cutting, pushing in or changing shots…except maybe the SOTS…still, add some movement to the sots…slow push in or something.
  9. Add some transitions between the shots to keep things moving.
  10. Color correct and oversaturate or de-saturate a bit or boost the contrast a bit, add a slight sharpen filter or glow — basically, effect the heck out of every shot.

So there you go…you’ve made your first promotional video!


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