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Qualifying Email Leads – closing sales

Posted on April 17, 2008 by in sales

A big part of sales is qualifying — asking questions or evaluating THEM to make sure that they are capible of becoming your customer. Qualify early so you don’t waste time trying to close a prospect who can never close. That craigslist post is not likely to pass the mustard, obviously, don’t waste your time…

I get requests for services almost every day because of these sorts of listings on google:

One of my main criteria for qualifying an email lead is: How much did they write — how well did they describe their project. I get very short emails like these:

Jack Lemon -- give me the leads

How much does it cost to make a music video


What are your rates?

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even reply to emails this short. I don’t have the time to reply (Occasionally, the question is written in the subject line and the actual email is blank!) I know from experience that 99% or more of these requests are from people who are unable to become my customer and the remaining 1% are barely worth the trouble anyway.

Requests for services from short emails are not usually not worth the bytes they are written on.


I can’t close these leads, John.
No one can. It’s a joke. John,
look, just give me a hot lead.
Just give me two of the premium
leads. As a “test,” alright? As a
“test” and I promise you…

I can’t do it, Shel.


I’ll give you ten percent.


Of what?

And what if you don’t close.

I will close.

What if you don’t close…?

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