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Itunes 8.0 Genius Feature

Posted on June 1, 2009 by in software


I started using the itunes 8 genius feature and think it’s kind of cool. You select a song and press the genius button. After you’ve agreed to upload your data to itunes where, according to Apple, “it is combined with the anonymously-gathered knowledge from millions of other iTunes users and processed through Apple-developed algorithms”; itunes picks a playlist based on that song. So far I’ve been getting mixed, but generally good, results. It certainly leads me to songs on albums that I scarcely knew that I had and would probably not have listened to.

I’m a big fan of democracy. So, if millions of Americans say J. Geils Band’s Centerford is a good song to go with Nirvana’s Come As You Are and Renegade by STYX — who am I to argue?  I wouldn’t have picked to any of that crap by choice. But when it plays I get that nostolgic feeling….maybe it’s not crap? Who am I to judge?

Sure, I like to DJ my songs or make my own play lists. But I’m also lazy. There have been times where I tried to use it and the genius offered no playlist. Other times the playlist doesn’t make sense…like when I selected a song from Crystal Method I got a bunch of seamingly unrelated music back like a Bjork song, Vangelis and Beautiful by Christina Aguilera! It’s not too good with classical songs either…it chokes on Bach and doesn’t even make a playlist…and I don’t think it even knows half of the stuff I have in that department. But it worked pretty well for swing music, jazz, and 50’s sort of Doris Day stuff and 70’s stuff.

The downside is that it adds a sidebar to itunes which tries to sell you music that’s related to your picks…even if you own it already!

The Stendhal Syndrome divx

Who’s Your Caddy? the movie Notting Hill dvd

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