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More Energy — better health through better eating

Posted on June 2, 2009 by in Health

Yummy Yummy food

Want more engery? Watch what you eat very carefully. I recently cut all sugar, coffee & alcohol out of my diet and completely separate my foods these days. I eat veggies and unprocessed organic foods only. It’s been surprisingly yummy and easy to do this time. I don’t feel tempted. I have ample energy after only about 5 or 6 hours sleep.

Remember: A stomach is not some mystical sack that can take whatever is stuffed into it and magically create boundless energy. It’s actually part of a very sensitive biological system. Some say that most ailments and disease start with the stomach and what’s put in it…including chronic fatigue.

Here’s what I ate today:

8am – grapes

9am – bananna

10am – apple & orange juice

11 am – Carrot & Beet Juice (notice, I’ve already had 4 fruits and 1 veggie by 11am)

12 pm – Lots of rye & 7 grain bread with olive oil, tomato & salt & pepper – yum. Organic corn chips. Hummus. Carrots.

3pm – orange juice

6pm – Free range chicken breast fried in oil. Raw spinich salad w/purple onion & tomato. Corn on the cob. Brochelee w/olive oil. Yum!

9pm – some nuts

11pm – orange juice or banana (it’s not quite 11 yet)

I’ve been eating like this for the past month. I lost some weight and I feel great. It’s pretty easy after you commit to it. Plus, I’ve noticed that our grocery bill is less because we’re eating less processed (read more expensive) food.

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