August 16, 2022

Sailing on the Hudson River

Posted on March 5, 2010 by in family, Health, Sport

Windrider 16 Blasting Across the Water

Windrider 16 Blasting Across the Water

You need not spend a fortune to have the wind in your sails. The Windrider Sailboat seems perfect for enjoying the Summer breeze on the Hudson River.

I learned to love sailing in the San Francisco Bay. Off shore races to Santa Cruz or Point Reyes and a lot of racing inside the bay. But I’m not a sailing snob. Get me out on the water in any craft.

According to Outdoor Magazine, this Windrider is under 4K and “You sit face-forward in a fighter-jet-like cockpit, complete with an optional windshield, and steer with foot pedals, just like in a sea kayak.”

With all the Kayakers around Irvington NY, you’d think this boat would be a hit. The prevailing winds in the summer are either north or south — perfect for a reach over to Piermount for coffee in the morning.

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