October 27, 2021

Feels Like Temperature

Posted on January 31, 1969 by in Sciences

More and more weather channels report a “feels like” temperature with the real temperature. It drives me crazy because it makes absolutely no sense. I guess it’s a combination of wind chill and humidity? Who the heck knows what it means? Does it “feel like” that temperature even if you’re wearing a coat or a sweater — or what about if you’re shoveling snow? Or is it just something to boost ratings (of course, more people will watch the weather channels in extreme situations — so if it’s only 30 degrees outside, you get MUCH better ratings if you say it “feels like” 15 degrees?) In any case, the real absurdity happens when they say the temperature is 72 degrees and it “feels like” 72 degrees — Really? It’s 72? And it feels like 72? Who would have thought, eh? If you really want to know what the temperature ‘feels like’ — go outside and walk around.

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