May 30, 2023

Glenn Pere – The Good Client

Posted on June 1, 2009 by in Business

New York SEO Service clients is Glenn Pere from PerePartnership PerePartnership is a unique advertising and design agency in New York, located on top of Penn Station @ 1 Penn Plaza. Glenn Pere is a great creative director. He’s a guys guy and into football, baseball and boxing. You wouldn’t think he has an eye but I’ve seen him direct his staff on Photoshop. They present him with a comp — a very good poster design or flier for a big client like HBO. To me, the comp looks excellent. But Glenn will take about two seconds to tell the designer “make the sky more red. take that font size up. burn in their logo more here. make these people pop more…” Ten minutes later, the designer will be printing the new version and it’s 10 times better than the old one. I also have seen him color correct video better than his video editors — take the darks lower, boost the saturation — boom — the video pops. Anyway, Glenn is a face to face type guy — you have to meet with him. And he’d rather talk to you on the phone then send an email. Well, I’m an email kind of guy…I like sending emails. So whenever I send Glenn and email, he always calls back and says to my voicemail “Hey Eric — Glenn — I got your email. I don’t know what it means. Give me a buzz. Bye.

” My wife just keeps a note @ my desk that reads “Glenn Pere Called.” We don’t take it down — no need. It’s a permanent fixture (I’m thinking about framing it.) He always calls so it will always be there. Ordinarily, I charge clients extra for this sort of service…but not Glenn. There is rarely a conversation with him where I don’t learn something new. Plus, I know what to expect from him so it’s all about expectations…quality work takes a more effort then just getting by. Glenn Pere knows how to produce quality work.

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