May 30, 2023

Dobbs Ferry To Change School Mascot to a Crest

Posted on March 28, 2017 by in Education

The Dobbs Ferry Community Board proposed changing Dobbs Ferry Eagle Mascot into a multi-purpose crest logo that can represent the diverse community that Dobbs Ferry has become.

traditino-or-crestIn the hopes of both bringing the community together and saving money, Dobbs Ferry has decided to change our logo to that of a crest like other respectable schools in the country have done. “We feel the crest represents all members of our community,” says Irving Wilkerson, president of the community board.

The crest is similar to the crest used at other schools like the Clayton Bradly Academy, Hogwarts, and Yale. But since they wanted to solicit input from the community, there is still time to cast your vote below.

“This will provide us with greater cost savings, as we will be able to order supplies and branded items at a greater discount, due to the simple sleek crest is easier to reproduce,” said Wilkerson.

In addition, as carnivores, eagles don’t represent everyone here in Dobbs Ferry, many of whom are vegan and vegetarian.

“They are not eco-friendly birds,” said Milly Friedrich, “I realize many of you are attached to the Eagle, and the color purple, but the Eagle has proven to be frightening to the younger kids.” So the committee is opting for a more friendly eagle.

The deep purple color scheme has been discussed as showing a bias towards the early Italian families that settled the town. Due to our increasing diversity, we can no longer favor one ethnic group with our school color. So we are considering introducing green into the color scheme.

What do you think?

Should Traditional icons or the proposed Crest represent Dobbs Ferry?

Vote for Tradition or the Crest

Vote Here for Tradition or the Crest


Vote Here

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