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Soccer Skills

Posted on March 18, 2012 by in Sport

by John Birchall, Red Bull New York Coach, offered this advice to the children

The following sheet provides all players with the tools to self-teach/learn a variety of skills that are required by elite level soccer players in today’s game. Skills vary from the simply to the complex, but all should be practiced in a players own time if they wish to become an elite level soccer player. The move is named, a tutorial on how to execute it is given, and a video of that move in action executed by various world-class soccer players is there to give players the confidence that, if the move is practiced well enough, it can be used to great effect against their opponents.

This sheet should be used to aid in a players soccer development, some or all of these skills will be taught at practice, it is down to the individual player to practice these skills in their own time away from structured practice sessions and use this sheet as a tool/reference to help them master each skill.  All players should immediately start to practice the below skills so when they are taught them at a team practice session, it is more a matter of refining what they have already self-learned  as opposed to learning the skill from scratch.  This will speed up their development tremendously.

Soccer Move – Tutorial Player(s)/Video
Sole-Roll Okocha:
Sole-Roll Step-Over
Inside-Outside McGeady:
Elastico Ronaldinho:
Scissors Modric:
Double (multiple) Scissors Robinho:
Inside-Scissors Neymar/Ronaldo/Various:
Step-Over Ronaldo:
Push and Run Torres:
L-Move Puskas:
McGeady/Ribery Ribery:
Sole-Roll Chop Ronaldo/Neymar:
Hocus Pocus Wilhelmsson:
Maradona/360 Spin Puyol:
Reverse L-Move Neymar:
















PLEAE NOTE: These Videos are taken from YouTube so people’s comments on each video may contain inappropriate language/comments which are out of my control.

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