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Irvington Mom’s Web Site Goes Viral

Posted on May 18, 2010 by in Culture

The Mess That Started It All. Parents relate to photos like these in a half schadenfreud half 'I've Been There' empathy

From the “if you build it, they will come” file, Raven Starkly reports on this little web site that could.

Two months ago, Irvington local Julie Haas Brophy found her oriental carpet covered with a quart of black glossy enamel paint. “My kids are awesome and well-intentioned but they find their way into all sorts of mess and trouble,” Haas Brophy said, “and this was a particularly awful, frustrating mess.”

That’s when she decided to start a blog called ShitMyKidRuined.com. She uploaded a photo of the mess and enabled other frustrated parents to upload photos of the stuff their kids ruined too.

It wasn’t long before hundreds of parents posted photos in a sort of community grieving — grieving their recently shattered big screen TVs, morning their broken iphones, or sharing the lipstick art smeared on expensive bed spreads.

The site became cathartic, like part of a 12 step program for parents. Hi, my name is Eric and it’s been 20 days since my toddler picked the keys off my wife’s brand new Macbook pro.

Note To Self: Lock up your car keys (or your children)

Misery must love company because parents related to the subject matter. They posted the site to their Facebook profiles. They twittered. Within three months the site had millions of views.

The Huffington Post featured a slide show of selected photos. The site was picked up by blogs like Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Momlogic and EntertainmentWeekly.com’s “Popwatch” blog. CNBC’s Jane Wells covered it and it’s been featured on various radio stations. Today there is an article in the New York Times called Broken Lamps, Fried Computers and Other Adorable Things.

Who knows where this will lead for Haas Brophy. “Agents, advertising brokers, editors, Web designers, well-wishers, would-be hangers-on — they’re all reaching out. Ms. Brophy is taking meetings,” reports Susan Dominus of the New York Times. It’s fantastic that this mom from Irvington has made an impact.

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